Hey, folks! We’re happy to announce another big event: The Chapel Hill Comics Pony Party!

On Saturday, December 1, from 5pm until 7pm, we’ll be throwing a shindig where folks can pick up the first issue of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic (you’ll have your choice of lots of different covers), as well as My Little Pony Blind Bag figures, and more!

Mark your calendars now! Plan on coming to Chapel Hill Comics now so that you can pick up lots of great pony swag and meet your fellow Bronies and Pegasisters!

BREAKING NEWS #1: We’ll also be hosting special guest Maggie Roberge, who creates the fantastic Pony hats and backpacks we sell in the shop! She’ll be bringing new hats which tend to sell fast, so get here early in the evening if you want a shot at them!

BREAKING NEWS #2: We will be hosting a costume contest, which we begin approximately at 6pm. Be here before then if you want a chance to win some great Pony Prizes!

BREAKING NEWS #3: Here are the covers we will have available. If you just want one copy to read, you’ll have plenty of choices! If you want to collect all the covers, we’ll have a ton!

Regular covers, 6 different varieties, $3.99 each.

There will be six regular covers, one with each of the “Mane Six!”

The Mane Six covers in an exclusive slipcase, $24.99.

If you want all six of the regular covers, there’s a box set with an exclusive slipcase!

Jill Thompson Variant Cover, $3.99.

There will also be a Jill Thompson cover available with a bunch of Ponies!

Stephanie Buscema Incentive Cover, $10.00.

Here’s the Incentive Variant cover by Stephanie Buscema!

My Little Pony Ghost Variant, $14.99.

JUST ADDED: The My Little Pony #1 GHOST VARIANT, available at less than 30 stores nationwide!

Saturday, December 1, 5-7pm
Chapel Hill Comics
316 W Franklin St
Chapel Hill, NC 27516
SPREAD THE WORD! Here’s the Facebook Event! Please invite your friends!

Oh, and here’s a special note: The line art of Twilight Sparkle in our flier image was done by Melanie Tinghdal, who is currently taking very affordable commissions to help pay for emergency surgery. Here’s a link to her page where you can see some of her work if you would like to help her out and commission a piece too!