Peace out, Rory.

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May 192008

Rory Root died Monday. He was the owner of Comic Relief in Berkeley, one of the most revered comic shops in the country. I talked to him on comic book professional message boards, via email a few times, on the phone once or twice, and at the annual meetings of ComicsPRO.  I didn’t know Rory all that well, but over the hours since I learned of his death, I’ve remembered several times that he helped me out with advice in the first couple of years that I owned the shop.

Our last communication was in the comments of this post at the blog at Newsarama, in which we were two of the four retailers interviewed about getting indy comics into comic shops. It was a tiny but positive comment (“Good add Andrew.”), and I’m glad for it now.

Rory Root and Andrew Neal - photo by anna Warren
Rory and me. Photo by Anna Warren.

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