Oct 062006

So this week we received copies of The Other Side, from DC/Vertigo. Jason Aaron’s the writer, and Cameron Stewart is the artist. This is the first issue of a mini-series which will explore the Vietnam conflict from the points of view of two young soldiers, one American, and one Vietnamese.

Other Side #1

The story so far is quite good. It’s a great introductory issue, and Aaron and Stewart’s pacing is great. The issue takes the two young protagonists from their pre-war lives, through training, to the moments when they begin their military services.

The only complaint I could possibly give is the sequence with the American kid going through Marine training reminded me heavily of Full Metal Jacket, but having never been in the military, let alone Vietnam conflict-era Marines, I couldn’t say if that’s because that’s how things really were, or because Aaron really liked Full Metal Jacket. The only way it detracted from the story was that I kept thinking, “Man, this is a lot like Full Metal Jacket,” which kind of pulled me out of the story. That’s a relatively small part of the story, though, and it looks to be finished this issue, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem long-term.

Now I like the story, but I love the art. Cameron Stewart has been a really good artist for a while now, and I think this is the best stuff he’s done yet. I liked his work on Catwoman, and on Seven Soldiers, as well as his creator owned stuff in Rumble Royale, but like I said before, this stuff is even better. He’s a great illustrator and storyteller. There’s nothing confusing here. All his art is very clear, and shows exactly as much detail as is needed to get the point across.

I won’t get into any more story details here, because I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who are interested. I highly recommend The Other Side. The first issue is out now. It’s $2.99, intended for mature readers, and as of this writing, we have them in stock!

Andrew Neal
Chapel Hill Comics