Survey Says…

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Nov 192014

We’ve put together a quick customer survey to gather customers opinions on our store. It would be great if you could fill it out for us! Your input will help us continue to make Chapel Hill Comics AWESOME!


Black Friday Sale!

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Nov 192014

Join us on Friday, Nov. 28th for our BLACK FRIDAY SALE! We will be open from 9am-9pm and the earlier you get here, the better the deals! The details are on the flier below! See you there!

Festifall Sale!

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Oct 022014

This Sunday, Oct. 5th is Festifall! If you are heading to downtown Chapel Hill for the day make sure to stop by for a our Festifall sale! Almost everything in the store will be on sale!

festifall sale


Hi There!

Yeah, it’s been a while since we updated our web page. Now that the transfer of the store to the New Dude (that’s me, I’m Ryan) is pretty well complete it’s time to start getting the Chapel Hill Comics news and info up here. ALLONS-Y!

What has NOT changed?

Weird 1

-Let me assure you that all the things you love about Chapel Hill Comics are still here! We still intend to bring our customers a wide variety of comics and graphic novels. In the words of one customer, “I like your store because you always have…the weird stuff.” We probably prefer to say we have a great selection of eclectic, indy, small press, local and other alternative titles along with the mainstream DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, etc. titles. Then again we could run with that quote.

What HAS changed?

Store Hours Sign

Store Hours

We recently Change our hours to better accommodate our customers. Now we are open later and earlier on most days!






More Geek Stuff

We have been trying to get more geeky fun merchandise in the store like, action figures, keychains, buttons, jewelry, statues, mystery box figures, and more! We’ll keep looking for more cool stuff to bring in that not only relates to comic titles, but also other sci fi, movie, gaming, and other geekery…if that’s a word. Let us know if there is something you would like us to carry.

photo 1 (4)

photo 3 (1)

photo 2 (4)Special Orders

We have streamlined the special order process to get you the books you need as fast as possible. We can’t have everything in the store, but we want to be the go to source for your comics!

Back Issuesphoto (28)

People offer to sell their collections to us all the time. During the transfer we put a hold on buying any back issues, but slowly we have been back at it. We have been bulking up the dollar comics, creating lots of new sets, bringing out recent back stock to the floor and even brought in some great key and high end issues of X-Men, Spider-Man, and more. Make sure to check out our back room and the new Back Issue Display Shelf to see what new/old/awesome stuff comes in.

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